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Our Hair Treatments

Braids, weaves, wigs and everything in between

We offer a wide range of hairstyles and treatments to suit your hair and style. Anyone with curly hair knows the struggle of finding a hairstylist who understands your hair and has the skill and gentle touch to give you a beautiful and pain-free hairstyle. At THE GENTLE & SOFT HANDS SALON we pride ourselves in delivering stunning styles with none of the pain that has come to be associated with them.

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From your prom to your wedding and everything in between, we know there are many life events where you need a show-stopping hairstyle. At THE GENTLE & SOFT HANDS SALON, we have the skills, experience and eye for detail to ensure you look and feel spectacular each and every time. All our hairstylists and beauticians are experienced and specialists in their roles and we're confident that we can provide the kind of look that's guaranteed to turn heads and leave you feeling on top of the world.  It's our duty and our pleasure at The Gentle & Soft Hands Salon and we always rise to the challenge.

Whether it's a trim for the little man, some pampering for the princess or anything in between, our hairdressers are patient and kind and experienced working with children. Children aged 3 and up are all welcome.

At THE GENTLE & SOFT HANDS SALON., we have a wide range of experience creating stunning hairstyles. From a simple trim to a completely new look, our hairdressers have what it takes to deliver.  Whether you want braids, a weave, colour, dreadlocks or a Brazilian blowout, our team of professional and experienced stylists are on hand to work their magic.

We also sell products for aftercare/ to maintain your new look.

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We also accept walk-ins but there may be a wait and we cannot guarantee you an appointment as spaces are limited so we encourage you to book beforehand.

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Treat yourself and visit THE GENTLE & SOFT HANDS SALON in Romford today

Our staff is professional, highly trained and experienced. We offer a wide range of hairstyles and treatments for men, women and children specialising in Afro-Caribbean hair. Our salon is spacious, relaxing and the perfect space to get a new look and let your worries melt away.

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